Our services are needed at different stages througout your life - at milestones and must-haves.  Services that are designed for our clients, and not for us, require adaptability, collaboration, ethics and continued learning.  This need to create, rather than confine, has resulted in a service offering that is responsive, relevant and realisable.  This is our DNA and your LIFELINE.

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It starts with consulting

Understanding your situation, your dreams and your goals demands conversation. Advice that matters is born from our initial consultation, and is strengthened by our combined experience, business acumen and extensive network                             .

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Then there is a need: to fix or to plan, to build and to benefit

We offer excellence in the services you've come to expect from an accounting and audit firm. Each service is designed to meet a need, to mend a mishap or to maximise a milestone. From tax, to VAT, to Payroll , Compliance and Reporting - we build so that

you benefit.

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The DNA_LIFELINE difference defined

Our holistic approach to maintaining your legacy includes comprehesive estate planning. We love that you love your family.  

Because life happens, our forensic team is on hand to investigate and protect your hard-earned income. We're uncompromising and with it comes ethics and legislation. We've built life-long relationships as a result.

The growth-gurus in our next-gen network provide services and solutions that meet the most unexpected requirements. With us taking the lead as your single point of contact, your confidentiality is secured and your vision realisable.

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